Again. Last week updates

So, dear partners, we are celebrating the 2nd week of work.

500 partners joined us last week and made deposits in the amount of 15,000 USD. We are pleased to observe the upward trend. We enrapture our investors.

Now about the new features.

Calculator on the home page.It allows estimating approximate time and interest accrued for every hour.

Tracking for referral links. Conversion statistics. It will become more convenient for active partners to track their traffic and view the conversions statistics. All these features are already available in personal accounts.

The news of the day. Partner contest.Today, we open the page for referral contest. Now, you have an opportunity to participate in dedicated contests for money prizes.The statistics for the current week, month, six months and year will be displayed on the page. The winning amount will be indicated in each table. Go to the page and find out more.

Yours sincerely, TY Capital Investment team.

Monday, 10 September, 2018
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