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A reward for a repost on a social network

Dear investors and partners, We would like to please you with great news. We published another useful task in your personal accounts. Now, on the Bounty page, you can find a task entit...

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What tools do you want to see on the site?

Voting until November 25th. You can vote on the official Facebook page. 1) Communication: 1.1 Forum 1.2 Online chat 1.3 Ticket system 2) Trading statistics 2.1 Weekly Trading Reports 2...

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Video presentation and screencasts

Dear investors and partners, Today we would like to bring to your attention a video presentation on our platform. You can watch the presentation and share it with your friends on the ho...

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The site is translated into 11 languages

As we promised, the site was translated into all languages our investors and partners voted for. We also took into account the votes sent to our chat, telegram-chat and e-mail.From toda...

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Start. 30 days of stable work

Dear partners, Today we celebrate 30 days from the date of launch of our investment platform.During this time, 2,600 partners joined us. The sum equivalent to 58,000 USD was invested. W...

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Again. Last week updates

So, dear partners, we are celebrating the 2nd week of work. 500 partners joined us last week and made deposits in the amount of 15,000 USD. We are pleased to observe the upward trend. W...

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Our first update of the first week

Dear investors and partners! Our company has been operating on the Internet for a full week. During this time, 360 partners joined us and invested the amount equivalent to 12,500 USD. A...

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Voting for website translation!

As soon as we launched our website, proposals of site translation appeared in great numbers. We are very pleased that we were able to catch the interest of a great many people within th...

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Our platform is launched!

Today is a wonderful day for our entire huge team. Finally, we finished testing of all the tools of our platform, and now we open our doors to new investors and partners with confidence...

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